At present Rika works+lives in North Germany

The german artist was born and brought up near Hannover.  In her teens she lived a number of

years in Algeria. Rika`s self-image as an artist relates to the expanded concept of art by Joseph Beuys: "The central idea of a social sculptor is an artist who creates structures in society using language, thoughts, actions, and objects"


she complets the UAS as a degreed ingeneer for interior design. She stays in Hildesheim, starts a family and works in an architectural office.

2001 - 2009

As a member of the art collectiv at the Kulturfabrik Hildesheim,  she has a number of exhibitions and participates with solo projects, in the events Lyrik Park and Rosen & Rüben. During  this time she starts drawing Graffiti.

2009 - 2014      

Aka Blanche Noir she lives and works as an insider of the artistic squats "le jardin d`Alice"

and "B.L.O.C." in Paris. There she draws the well recognized graffiti of the elefant headed god Ganesh.

2014 - 2018

she lives and works in Kassel. Aka Blanche Noir she participates in a streetart project& the Museumsnacht Kassel.


Museumsnacht Kassel


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